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Seven social media tips that your business NEEDS to know

So youíre serious about kicking your social media marketing up a notch, but with millions of businesses vying for our attention, how do you go about differentiating yourself?


Perhaps youíre one of many start-ups that commit the cardinal sin of launching the business and forgetting to create a social media footprint. Donít fret social media virgin, as thereís still time to rectify this.


To help build momentum on the path to social media success, weíve put together seven tips on how to maximise your efforts and boost those likes and followers.


1.    Identify the right channels for you

It may sound basic, but make sure you set up the most suitable social media accounts for your business. The Ďbig fourí are a good start Ė Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. Others such as Pinterest, Google+ and Four Square are Ďnice to havesí and really depend on what business youíre running. Whilst some choose to dip their toe in the social media ocean, it really is better to dive in headfirst.


2.    Producing great content

Weíve all heard the phrase Ďcontent is kingí; well this is particularly true when it comes to social media. People like engaging with interesting content, with visual appeal helping boost a post by up to 80%. Everyone can now upload content with the click of a button, therefore itís crucial that you implement these simple tools to showcase your business and reach your target audience.


3.    Finding influencers

It may be one of the more time intensive processes, but itís definitely worth the investment. By following and engaging with industry influencers you can not only spy on your competitors but also jump on the back of any potential comment opportunities. A follow from one such influencer will help to grow your network and reach a more relevant audience.


4.    Frequency

Posting once every few days, or whenever it suits, simply isnít good enough. Your followers will lose interest. Anywhere between three and ten posts per day will suffice, not enough to annoy your audience but plenty to keep them wanting more.


5.    Monitoring

Over time your audience will start to develop and itís important that you keep listening. If they respond more to pictures of cake, then give them pictures of cake! (I do love cake BTW). If they engage with you more during the evenings, then this is when you should post. There are a variety of free and paid tools on the market such as TweetDeck, Hootsuite and Social Mention, itís just about finding one you like.


6.    Be inquisitive

It may sound obvious, but one of the easiest ways to interact with your followers is to ask them questions. People love to talk about a topic theyíre interested in; itís just part of our nature! Speaking to your audience and gaining their insights will help you understand what they want. Also, donít be afraid of criticism, itís just part of life and should be viewed as a learning curve. However, do be aware of your responses as everyone can see what you say and you donít want to create any negative attention.


7.    Stay clear of the ĎDeleteí button

Never delete interactions. Everyone has the right to provide insight to a conversation, positive or negative and deleting the interaction is likely to make the commentator even more annoyed and begin a tired of unwanted remarks. The only exception to this is if a comment is illegal or malicious, then deleting and reporting the user is the best course of action.

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