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The Bigger Picture:

Many people think that PR is just about press releases, text and words. However, the importance of images cannot be underestimated.

Pick up any newspaper or magazine and have a flick through - what catches your eye? The stories that have accompanying images are the ones that get your attention.

One of the biggest problems we face, as PR and marketing consultants, is that clients' don't always understand the importance of images, but also the importance of investing in good photography.

With the introduction of smart phones which have great camera quality, everyone now sees themselves as a professional photographer - wrong! Photography is a skill, just like any other profession. A picture says a thousand words, but if its a bad picture, it can have a detrimental effect and won't do your brand any favours.

Investing in a professional photographer pays dividends. They can advise on the kind of image you need to show your business to the best advantage, provide lighting, backdrops and develop creative ideas.

Whats more, good photography will last and can be used across a spectrum of items, not just for press releases but also for social media, website, direct mail and marketing literature.

Here's some top tips:

We are all about visuals, in our social lives and professional lives. Professionals are looking for new employees via LinkedIn, singles are looking for their life partner on or Tinder and musicians are expected to release a video before they release their music. The world has changed and there is nowhere to hide, everyone can see you, so make sure your photograph is relevant to what it is being used for.

Think creatively, the days are long gone when all fundraising photos included a large cheque!

Make sure it's in focus and always look at what's in the background - too many people take photos not looking what's behind them, or getting the background in focus and not the subject.

Finally - invest in a professional photographer!

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