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Say Ello to the new social media kid on the block

From Facebook to Flickr, Twitter to Tumblr, and Snapchat to StumbleUpon, there are plenty of social media platforms out there, designed to suit different needs, but essentially to get people ‘socialising’ aka interacting. 

And now there’s new kid on the block which is rising up the popularity ranks. 

Ello, created by bicycle designer Paul Budnitz, is a social media network with a manifesto - promising to be different. 

Its black smiley face logo is apparently a reference to respect for your privacy and users can paste it over their face to protect their anonymity.

Facebook’s ‘correct name policy’ has caused a number of members of the LGBTQ community to migrate over to Ello which allows people to use whatever name they wish.

Although it is invite only, it’s easy to get one off a friend who has already joined. Plus you can also separate your feed into two categories – ‘friends’ and ‘noise’. Let’s be honest, how many of our Facebook friends are actually friends?!

Ello has been attracting 2,700 new sign ups each hour, so although it’s nowhere near any of the ‘big boys’, it’s gaining a lot of traction. 

It’s going to be interesting to see how well it fares, but for now, I thought it would be useful highlighting the top five social media channels for business (in my opinion) and what makes them great.

1. Twitter – great for business and individuals, Twitter has more than 6.45m active registered users and in excess of 58m tweets are posted every day. What I like about Twitter is that you don’t have to be a registered user to view an account’s tweets and it’s very simple to interact with others. 
2. LinkedIn – With more than 300m users (and two people joining every second!), LinkedIn is great for networking online. You can join groups of interest and engage in discussions on topics you are familiar with or have an opinion on. Remember, you should only ‘link in’ with people you know or have done business with. 
3. Instagram – I heard earlier this week that Instagram is now more popular than Twitter. It’s quite a new one to me, but great for sharing images and videos and getting involved with conversations/finding content of interest through using hashtags.  
4. Google+ - deemed as more formal and professional than Facebook, hashtags have major search value on G+. In addition, because it’s a Google product, it can help with SEO. 
5. Facebook – predominantly better for consumer brands, Facebook can provide a great insight into the personality of a business and showcase products and services. With the facility to post a mix of content, activity on Facebook usually peaks outside of ‘normal’ working hours. 

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