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New year, new you? Four resolutions every business should make in 2015

Every New Year brings new resolutions and those relating to work will hopefully will go further than our personal pledges that we usually ditch before February (Nobody every woke up craving a salad!!)

Here at TWA towers, we understand the importance of PR and marketing and that’s why we’ve compiled our top tips to help you succeed in 2015. 

1. The importance of storytelling
We continue to advise clients on the value of clear, concise messaging that tells your brand story in a way that captures and engages with target audiences. This means developing a robust communications strategy, both internally and externally. It’s pointless promoting an awesome brand if your own employees don’t believe in it. 

2. Step out of your comfort zone
A press release may get the job done, but what else can you be doing? Dare to try something a little different - risks often pay off with big rewards. To quote novelist Gail Sheehy – “If you aren’t changing, you aren’t growing”. 

3. Tweet/blog/Vine/post/vlog more
Online content continues to shape the world we live in. But whilst we make it a priority in our personal life, many fail when it comes to their business. Give your hard work an additional kick with a string of online updates. But remember to choose your platforms wisely and add a touch of personality and creativity to your social media presence. 

4. Update your style
Bored with your current look and wardrobe? Well the start of the New Year is the perfect time to switch things up. When it comes to marketing, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel, simple updates can breathe new life into a brand. 

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