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The Top 5 Social Media Hiccups:

In this new digital age, social media and an online presence is becoming one of the ‘must-haves’ when setting up a business.  An ability to engage with customers and potentially bring in new ones through the use of social media is an attractive skill to possess as a business. Although the advantages of posting content online can be extremely rewarding, there is a level of risk that comes with it. I’ve listed below a few of the most famous social media ‘hiccups’ from some of the biggest brands online. Warning: prepare to cringe!

Number 5: McDonald’s

When posting content online it’s important to know what others think of your brand. This was the mistake that McDonald’s made back in 2012 with its #McDstories campaign.

The campaign was initially used to highlight the farmers who supply McDonald’s with produce and also the employees across McDonald’s stores. Unfortunately, the fast food brand, after encouraging others to use the hashtag and share their story, hadn’t anticipated the amount of horror stories and crude jokes which were posted as a result.

Number 4: American Rifleman

The National Rifle Association appeared to ignore the rules of postponing scheduled tweets following the tragic Aurora shooting in 2012:

Number 3: Celeb Boutique

#Aurora was soon a common sight on twitter as people began tweeting about the event. However, Celeb Boutique obviously didn’t do enough research into the use of their hashtag when they posted:

An apology was soon sent out about the tweet following a high level of backlash from twitter users.

Number 2: Epicurious

Although it is important to tweet about current news and goings on in the world, attempting to promote your products on the back of a national tragedy is a definite ‘NO’.  Food site Epicurious received masses of negative feedback after posting these tweets about the Boston Marathon bombing in April 2013:

Number 1: Tesco

Scheduled tweets are a great time-saver and can really help you to boost your company’s online presence.  However, it’s important not to rely on them too much, as Tesco demonstrated following its ‘Horse meat scandal’:

Another great example of forgotten scheduled tweets!


Always remember when posting online: do your research into any articles or hashtags you use, check every post before you send it out and remember your scheduled tweets!

Social media has so many advantages but always remember the risks! Misuse could lead to damage of reputation and in a world where many people rely on a digital and online presence, this could spell #Disaster!

Happy Posting!

Written by Emma T

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